RF & Electronic Systems

Full integrate RF , DF and electronics systems

Elbatech technologies assembles and full integrate RF , DF and electronics systems .
Our engineers take varied and wide processes during the manufacturing, assemble and integration according to customers’ demands.
Functionality, environmental conditions, EMC, Power, Human interface, Mechanical and size constraints are all checked and verified as part of BTP or NPI process.
with our top Human resources – ten’s of RF and electrical engineers and technicians, with hundreds of wiring and soldering employees and mechanical assembly – for volume manufacturing

we offer Full Turn Key for a variety of applications –
– RF (radio frequency) and DF (direction finding) full systems product manufacturing and integration
– Antennas & Radars assemblies (L, S, C, X, Ku, K, Ka band)
– control communication and computing platforms.
we offer Full Turn Key that combines the following –
– Environmental test for POD as part of product design (POD proof of design) or serial manufacture screening – HALT/HASS/temperature tests/ Vibration tests/ Humidity tests and more.
– Full AS9100 Quality Auditor, for harsh outdoor / Airborne / Naval conditions and standards
– Testing capability with all the RF test instruments as Network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, signal analyzer, pulls meter, N.F etc.
– circuit board manufacturing, assembly replacement and repairs

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