Electromechanical Cabinets & drawers

Experience in producing electromechanical enclosures, cabinets and drawers

Elbatech Technologies has experience in producing electromechanical enclosures, cabinets and drawers, in accordance with the needs of the application and costumer’s demands.
Manufacturing the system according to customers design with compliance to production engineering – We put into rapid and cost-effective production requires extensive expertise that Elbatech as a proven leader in its field can offer.
Elbatech has completed a long list of electro – mechanical turnkey BTP (build to print) or NPI (new product introduction) systems –for applications such as – control, communication, power supply, fluid and air distribution systems. Those systems include – electrical cabinets, deployment boxes, JIG’s, PDU’s, RACK’s, Anechoic chambers, and many others.

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