Tamuz Yizrael

Tamuz specializes in Low Volume High Mix systems for the Industrial, Medical , Semiconductor Machinery and Hi-Tech industry.

Tamuz is a private company, owned by Elbatech group and Kibbutz Izrael, located in northern Israel .

manufacture area is 5000m² and the company has 70 employee.

All employees are certified through continuous training for specific jobs

By providing a wide range of solutions covering the entire process, from  design stage through to the finished and tested product, we empower our customers to concentrate on their core R&D, marketing and sales activities. We understand that quality, timing and cost are key requirements for success. We work closely with our customers to create a win-win process that ensures high quality, adherence to timetables and cost reductions.

Tamuz, has experience in the manufacturing of complex products, sheet metal manufacturing and machining.


Npi services

We have an exceptionally experienced NPI team in Tamuz  to help expedite your new product launch. We also give our customers a total flexibility in our worldwide capabilities, allowing not only for faster time-to-market, but also unrivalled cost reduction opportunities overseas in Asia.

Trust us with your prototyping, NPI and engineering, and we will show you the best of both worlds!

System and sub system assemblies

Tamuz  is the industry leader in systems and  sub system assemblies. Tamuz abilities  covering a  wide range of uses and benefits to meet customers needs .  Tamuz features including engineering, efficiency, redesign versatility,  and cost reduction system .


Tamuz is offering  high quality CNC milling, CNC turning and tool making to a wide range of clients. We guarantee high quality components, with short lead times at very competitive rates.

We can offer assistance and advice in development of concepts, through to the design and manufacturing of components to maximize efficiency and cost .

Metal  worksheet

Our state-of-the-art equipment plant for customized electronic packaging and precision sheet metal fabrication means that Tamuz can expertly handle everything from individual parts to complex mechanical assembly. With two decades' experience in design as well as high-quality production design and redesign to cost, we are well established as the market leader. We are also an authorized STS strategic supplier for numerous large companies, many of them leaders in their fields.

Electrial cabinet and cable assembly

To reduce our  products price , Tamuz is making custom cable assemblies, adapters and electromechanical wiring harnesses for computers,, communications, industrial and medical equipment.