Wiring & Harness CAD Design

Systemic wiring & manufacturing file for multi wiring systems

The ever greater complexity of electromechanical systems, with an increasing number of signals being passed from one point to another, places a critical emphasis on the design of wiring harnesses to ensure they perform correctly in all situations. Elipse's engineers design harnesses for the most extreme needs – in airplanes and military products. Together with Elbatech's advanced production facilities, we offer the customer the full cycle of wiring design and production.

Elipse Engineering is performing the full range of Wiring Harnesses Design. The activity comprises the full range from wiring design, system design, through the harnesses design and implementation in the upgraded platform.

Elipse Engineering staff of engineers and technicians is familiar with the aerospace, military and civilian aviation standards. The most advanced computerized design tools are used in the design, for production and installation activities.

Design Keys:

  • Safety of Flight.
  • The Ease of Maintenance.
  • Cost Effective Aircraft (platform) Production.