Engineering and System Integrations

-341Elipse Engineering provides Elbatech  Group a complete electromechanical design service to high technology companies having exceptional requirements. Our experts meet the requirements of consistent reliability over long years of intensive use, such as those in aerospace, military and civilian industries.

The primary categories of Elipse's engineering and design services are listed below.

Mechanical Design

באיכות צפייה-107This is the design and engineering of electromechanical enclosures and casings in accordance with the needs of the application. Achieving a design that answers the requirements of space, weight and rigorous operating conditions and can also be put into rapid and cost effective production requires extensive expertise that Elipse as a proven leader in its field can offer. Elipse and Elbatech have completed a long list of turnkey mechanical design projects and seen them successfully through to production.

Wiring and Harness Design

-296The ever greater complexity of electromechanical systems, with an increasing number of signals being passed from one point to another, places a critical emphasis on the design of wiring harnesses to ensure they perform correctly in all situations. Elipse's engineers design harnesses for the most extreme needs – in airplanes and military products. Together with Elbatech's advanced production facilities, we offer the customer the full cycle of wiring design and production.

 RFIC Design

איכות צפייה-119With years of expertise acquired designing high performance RFICs for defense, in applications such as electronically scanned array (ESA) devices, Elipse is able to meet the chip design requirements of any microwave application.

RF Module Electronic Design

-656RF modules allow engineers to add wireless capabilities to intelligent transport systems, wireless communication systems, radar systems and other products quickly and cost-effectively.