Electronics Logistics Facilities

-236Elbatech's Logistics Division sets up and manages logistics facilities to keep electronic components in optimal condition. The company operates a large unit within its Ashdod facilities and offers technology companies the option of using this facility or building a completely new facility in any location.

Elbatech's A-158shdod site manages the storage of all electronic components for Elta Systems, an IAI company. The solution provided covers all the aspects of logistics management, starting with inspection for incoming goods and through to supplying kits to various manufacturing departments.

Elbatech's electronic component logistics warehouse maintains 24 hour a day climate control. Temperature and humidity are electronically controlled according to requirement. A variety of methods are used to prevent the build-up of static electricity which could otherwise damage the products. These include vacuum pads and electrical grounding of the buildings, floors and shelves.

Movement of components in and out of the warehouse is managed with the SAP WM EPR system. Date of production is monitored and controlled to ensure FIFO (first in first out) sequence is maintained, for optimal shelf life.

Component date control provides the additional benefit of traceability, something mandated by standards such as the AS9100 international aerospace standard. They require the ability to trace components throughout the entire manufacturing process; that starts from receipt into the logistics facility and continues right through to final assembly and beyond.

איכות צפייה-314Its success is achieved, above all, by a highly trained team of professionals who ensure the sophistication, planning and technology is used correctly for optimal maintenance of the stored electronic components.