Electromechanical Assemblies

Elbatech leverages the group’s capabilities and experience in engineering, mechanics and cables to provide a sophisticated high quality turnkey electromechanical solution for the military and civilian market with the option of a complete in‑house engineering and design service if required.
Over three hundred skilled workers in over a dozen dedicated professional teams maintain rapid and highly controlled production lines for the world's most demanding industries. We operate exclusively by industry best practices such as Six Sigma and comply with multiple industry standards including AS9100, ISO 9001-2008 and IPC A-610/620.

The company excels in its ability to quickly put non-standard electromechanical assembly requirements into production and to stand by its commitment to on-time delivery (OTD).

Our primary areas of activity in electromechanical assembly and system integration are in the assembly of electromechanical casing, wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, PCBs and RF modules. These integration services are supported by Elbatech's complete state of the art production environment which includes a climate controlled logistics facility, engineering and design services and the option of low-cost production facilities.

Electromechanical Enclosures

איכות צפייה-113We provide manufactures with a complete end-to-end solution for electric and electronic enclosures, using standard or custom-built casing. We assemble units with special needs like RF shielding and other electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding requirements. Our ultra-high standards of materials and workmanship ensure failure-free operation under high stress conditions and include instrument panels, cockpit and vehicle mounting.



Wiring and cable assemblies

-297Aerospace and other mission critical applications can allow no room for error. For this reason, Elbatech is the chosen producer of wire harnesses for IAI and other military equipment producers. Working to IPC WHMA-A-620, Elbatech meticulously handles every step in producing cable harnesses including cutting, printing, soldering, assembly and braiding, right through to uncompromised acceptance testing as dictated by the most rigorous industry standards.



PCB and RF Module Assemblies

איכות צפייה-296Elbatech provides turnkey assembly services to technology companies with high performance PCB requirement. We use the latest surface mount technology (SMT) and traditional through-hole (TH) in accordance with project requirements. We have built up our expertise over many years and thousands of applications and we provide companies with the optimum balance of quality, reliability, speed of production and cost effectiveness for their needs.

Elbatech's RF module expertise starts with the RF engineering team, which for years has been designing RF modules for defense equipment manufacturers like Elta, and continues on to the production area where standards of quality are the highest in the industry.