Quality and Standards

Elbatech is leader in electromechanical engineering because it can supply the needs of the most demanding customers in the world. The fact that leading aerospace, military and other high-end technology manufacturers repeatedly choose Elbatech is proof in itself. This customer satisfaction is backed up by an array of certifications that prove Elbatech's unfaltering resolve to quality and to the demands made by the industries themselves. The most important of these quality standards are
discussed in the paragraphs below:

AS9100D – QMS for Aerospace

Aircraft are designed to perform for 50 years. AS9100 is an international quality management standard for the aerospace industry. It places an emphasis on consistent verification methods, bringing together requirements outlined in the SAE's AS9000 and Europe's prEN9000-1 standards. It specifies extensions of the ISO9001 (currently ISO9001-2015) quality management system to ensure safety and quality in aerospace products. AS9100 mandates actions to ensure traceability of components, ensuring that correct revision of engineering documentation is used and documented, and details how verification and validation testing should be documented, among other things. Elbatech's compliance with AS9100 guarantees quality using standardized methods of assurance and makes it easier for aerospace customers to verify the quality of the products.

ISO 9001-2015

Elbatech is fully certified to ISO 9001-2015. The company implements the 'process approach', laid down by the most widely accepted quality management standard in the world. Elbatech has developed processes for electromechanical engineering and assembly and adapts them to suit the product being produced. Coordinated management of interconnected production activities ensures optimal flow of output from one stage as input to the next and involves monitoring of processes against objectives as a clearly defined policy. The result is fast and efficient production, on-time delivery and minimal faults.

ISO 13485:2016– Manufacture of medical devices

Many years of quality manufacturing to the medical devices market according the strict medical standart quality management system, giving our customers the strong assurance of strict manufacturing and long product life due to the quality prosess being used.
This standard adopted by CEN as EN ISO 13485:2016/AC:2007 is harmonized with respect to the European medical device directives 93/42/EEC, 90/385/EEC and 98/79/EC.;

Six Sigma 6σ

The quality standard adopted by computer, electronics and many other hi-tech industries, 6σ is a strategy for ensuring correct management of the production and quality processes. Elbatech's implementation of the Six Sigma methodology brings about a reduction in the variability of processes, eliminating many of the causes of quality rejections. This permits the company to run a faster, more efficient production line while achieving a higher degree of quality acceptance.

IPC A-610 – Acceptance of Electronic Assemblies

This is the international acceptance standard for electronic assembly which has been adopted more than any other by the industry. It is designed for electromechanical assembly environments and covers: flex attachment, lead free materials, component orientation, soldering criteria, SMT, through-hole, discrete wiring assemblies, mechanical assembly, laminate requirements, marking, cleaning, coating and many other areas. Elbatech is audited constantly to ensure ongoing compliance with the standard.

IPC WHMA-A-620 – Acceptance of Wire Harness Assemblies

620 is a jointly authored standard by IPC and the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association (WHMA). It addresses the critical area of acceptance for cable and wire harness assemblies including electrical and mechanical testing methods, testing of moldings and splicing, verification of lead-free cables and wires, wire preparation, terminals soldering, crimping, insulation displacement connectors, ultrasonic, splicing, connectors, marking, coax/twinax cables, wrapping/lacing, shielding, assembly and wire-wrap terminations.

IPC J-STD-001 – Soldering

J-STD-001 is the ultimate quality standard for soldering. It details methods and materials to be used for creating assemblies and interconnections in order to achieve the highest levels of quality. It details methods of testing and verification to ensure the reliability of soldered connections for the entire working life of the product. This is an essential requirement in preventing electrical failures in mission critical situations.

IAI PS40.0100 and PS40.0200 – Military Wire Harnesses

There are a few organizations in the world that rely only on their own meticulously-defined standards of quality and excellence. One of these is the Israel Aircraft Industry, a company that is constantly extending the limits of performance of its equipment. Elbatech is compliant with PS40.0100 and PS40.0200, the rigorous IAI Procedures Standard for fabrication of wire and cable harnesses.