Naval and Ground – Defense

Elbatech provides turnkey engineering production and assembly services to a multitude of land-based military applications including tanks, night vision systems, radar systems, RF modules and cards and defense systems for armored combat vehicles. Among our customers: The Israel Defense Forces, Rafael Military Industries and Elta.

It goes without saying that such systems demand ultimate performance and many of the applications must function for long-term operation in harsh terrain combat situations. The quality of wiring, cabling and mechanical assemblies, circuit soldering, sealing, RF devices and enclosures must be the best available anywhere and Elbatech is a long-standing service provider to this industry.

The extreme conditions in which marine ships operate place special requirements on cabling, assemblies and wire harnesses. Elbatech has perfected its design and production techniques over many years of working for Rafael, Elisra and other manufacturers of combat vessels. Reliability in maritime environments is ensured by rigidly working to international standards like IPC-610/620 and intensive testing procedures designed for these environments.

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