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    Rami Zorea

    Rami Zorea is serving as a Chief Executive Officer of Elbatech Group since 2010.

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    Jonas Blacher
    Elipse Engineering Manager

    Jonas manages Elipse-Engineering since 2014, and marketing since 2012,

  • manager

    Ohad Milo
    CEO of Elbatech Technologies

    CEO of four of the group’s main subsidiaries: Elbatech Technologies, Elbatech Sderot, Fertil and Dongguan Elbatech Electronic Co (Elbatech Group China) since 2012.

  • Kobi Gaist
    Izrael Tamuz Manager


    Yaniv Siman Tov
    Purchasing Manager

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    Levi Babladza
    Elbatech Logistics Manager

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    Eti Kaku
    Finance Manager