Case study 1

Develpment and Manufacturing Cables and Harness

Approaching the new generation of digital machinery HP Indigo selected Elbatech Technologies to lead the cable and harness development and manufacturing for the new:

HP Indigo 7800 digital press

HP Indigo ws6800 digital press

The project included close cross organization interface between the development teams to create a win- win short lead time development as well as low cost future mass production capability. Engineering, purchasing and QC teams have been working closely covering HP demands as well as other sub-contract manufacturers in cable development, documentation, electro mechanics,  production and installation cables and harnesses at the different manufacturers assembly sites.

Elbatech assigned to the project a suitable experience team, leading the project in perfect correlation with the relevant HP divisions. Team members worked in parallel in many sites and many other sub-contract mechanical manufactures where cables need to be developed and installed. The final installation and coordination has been done in the main production facility of HP Indigo in Kiriat-Gat.

Project progress has been weekly monitored and presented in team leaders meeting and coordinated accordingly.

The project was completed in grate success and received very high customer appreciation.

At the present the presses are getting new improved features and our teems continue to support and maintain the development and the cable and harness manufacturing

Elbatech  has many ears experience working with HP Indigo. Supporting  a variety of services from sub system development up to mass production for more when 20 years. Our outstanding services including high quality, fast response time, engineering value-add and close human relations drives our customer to continue to use our services on long term bases.




Development Jigs and Testers

Working hand in hand with customer we offer full suport in all customer technical requirements to insure best product and long stable more of operation

Cable Designer

Our profesional engeeners working closely with customer development team as cable designer inqluding cable drawings, samle manufacturing up to mass production. Wille this activity is optimaized and cost orianted

Cable routing definitions

Our profesional engineers working closely with customer development team as cable designer including cable drawings, sample manufacturing up to mass production. While this activity is optimized for best cost effective solution


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Please visit our Solutions and Servises Page